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February 2015   

Our paper on aniferromagnetic correlation in the Hubbard model is published in Nature.

Here are some web stories about this work:
Physics TodayScienceFuturity



 December 2014

 Our paper on collisions of matter-wave solitons is published in Nature Physics.  A summary of our work is available at



September 2013

Rice University's Brockman Hall for Physics was one of the signature gifts to the Wiess School of Natural Sciences during the university's Centennial Campaign. Randy Hulet, the Fayez Sarofim Professor of Physics and Astronomy, discusses the positive impact the facility has had on his and his colleagues' work.


July 2013

The Hulet Group received a MURI Grant from the US Army to study nonequilibrium dynamics of cold atoms confined to optical lattices.  Their particular focus will be on on quantum gases of fermionic lithium in one-dimension.  More information can be found here.

   November 2012

In memory of Kevin Strecker, who earned his Ph.D. from the Rice University Department of Physics and Astronomy in 2004, the Kevin E. Strecker Award has been established in the Department of Physics and Astronomy to recognize the most outstanding Master’s thesis each year. Funds are being raised to endow the award. More information can be found here 



 June 2011

Experiments back up and running after moving from Space Science building to the new Brockman Hall for physics.  Click here to watch a video of the move.  


March 2011

The experiment tables of the AMO department begin moving into Brockman Hall.  


January 2011

Professor Hulet is a winner of the 2011 Willis E. Lamb Award "for Laser Science and Quantum Optics for pioneering studies of ultra cold Bose and Fermi systems and their application to the understanding of fundamental processes."


December 2010

1D Fermion Quantum Simulator work named runner up in Science for "Breakthough of the Year"! See the article. Randy was also featured in an interview about this in the Houston Chronicle.


30 September 2010


Our paper on a 1D imbalanced Fermi gas is publication in Nature. Here is a summary of our findings.


August 2010

Our paper on dissipative flow of a BEC in a random potential is accepted for publication in Physical Review A.  Read a synopsis here.


February 2010

An image created using a degenerate mixture of lithium 6 and lithium 7, contrasting the fundamental difference between Bosons and Fermions is once again featured as NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day.


January 2010

Ferlaino and Grimm review the field: Forty Years of Efimov physics: How a bizarre prediction turned into a hot topic, Physics 3, 9 (2010).

  Media devours Efimov physics!  Here's one story from Arstechnica.

 December 2009 

"Detecting antiferromagnetism of atoms in an optical lattice via optical Bragg scattering" accepted for publication in Phys. Rev. A.


 December 2009

"Rice physicists find reappearing quantum trios".  Study of ultracold atoms proves theory about universal quantum mechanism.  Click here to see the press release

Perspective by G. Modugno published in Science 16 Dec 2009


 November 2009

Scott and Dan's paper "Universality in Three- and Four-Body Bound States of Ultracold Atoms" published in Science. 


September 2009

 "Rice lead team awarded $5M for light-based crystal simulator".  Click here to see the press release



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