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The Hulet group investigates atoms at temperatures as low as a few nano-Kelvin. At such low temperatures, the strange and fascinating effects of quantum mechanics dominate, greatly altering normal atomic behavior. Hulet and his group have used laser cooling and atom trapping techniques to explore this exotic regime of matter, investigating ultracold atom collisions, Bose-Einstein condensation, and pairing of atomic Fermi gases. Our current interest is the realization of fundamental models of condensed matter using ultracold atoms confined by optical lattices, the study of few-body physics of bosons with resonant interactions, and realizations of matter-wave solitons.

Recent Publications

Measurement of the Dynamical Structure Factor of a 1D Interacting Fermi Gas:

T. Y. Yang, P. Grisins, Y. T. Chang, Z. H. Zhang, C. Y. Shih, T. Giamarchi, and R. G. Hulet, Physical Review Letters 121, 103001 (2018) PDF Supplemental Materials

Dissociation of One-Dimensional Matter-Wave Breathers due to Quantum Many-Body Effects:

Vladimir A. Yurovsky, Boris A. Malomed, Randall G. Hulet, and Maxim Olshanii, Physical Review Letters 119, 220401 (2017) PDF

Formation of matter-wave soliton trains by modulational instability:

Jason H. V. Nguyen, De Luo, Randall G. Hulet, Science 356, 422 (2017) Abstract Full Text PDF

1D-3D Crossover of a Spin-Imbalanced Fermi Gas:

Melissa C. Revelle, Jacob A. Fry, Ben A. Olsen, Randall G. Hulet, Physical Review Letters 117, 235301 (2016) PDF

Detecting π-phase superfluids with p-wave symmetry in a quasi-one-dimensional optical lattice:

Bo Liu, Xiaopeng Li, Randall G. Hulet, and W. Vincent Liu, Physical Review A 94, 031602 (2016) PDF

Observation of antiferromagnetic correlations in the Hubbard model with ultracold atoms:

Russell A. Hart, Pedro M. Duarte, Tsung-Lin Yang, Xinxing Liu, Thereza Paiva, Ehsan Khatami, Richard T. Scalettar, Nandini Trivedi, David A. Huse, and Randall G. Hulet, Nature 519, 211-214 (2015) PDF

Cooling Atomic Gases with Disorder:

Thereza Paiva, Ehsan Khatami, Shuxiang Yang, Valery Rousseau, Mark Jarrell, Juana Moreno, Randall G. Hulet, Richard T. Scalettar, Physical Review Letters 115, 240402 (2015) PDF

New paper on speed of sound of a 1D Fermi gas published!

2018-09-04 :

Our paper reporting the measurement of the speed of charge density waves in a one-dimensional Fermi gas was published today in the Physical Review Letters. This work, in collaboration with Thierry Giamarchi’s group in Geneva, is the first detailed measurement of the interaction dependence of the speed of sound in a 1D Fermi gas. Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 103001.

We welcome our new post-doc Ruwan Senaratne!

2018-08-20 :

Ruwan has joined us from UCSB where he did his PhD thesis on quantum simulation of ultrafast dynamics using ultracold atoms. At Rice, Ruwan will work on fermions confined to an optical lattice.

We thank Thibault Grillon for a great summer internship!

2018-08-10 :

Thibault worked on creating and implementing a stable offset laser for use on cooling and trapping fermionic lithium. We hope he enjoyed his time at Rice, and we wish him luck in his final year at the Institut d’Optique.

Congratulations to Danyel for being awarded a CONACTY Fellowship!

2018-06-01 :

Danyel was awarded a prestigious fellowship from the Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnologia of Mexico. These are very competitive fellowships as only a small number are awarded per year.

Ernie has defended his PhD thesis!

2018-05-10 :

Congratulations to Ernie Yang, who has successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled “Dynamical Response of an Interacting 1-Dimensional Fermi Gas.” We wish Ernie continued success upon his move to Silicon Valley to work in the high-tech industry!

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