Experiments with Ultracold Lithium Atoms

Spin-Polarized Fermions in 1D and 3D 

We explore how superfluid pairing responds to an effective magnetic field. We are attempting to find evidence for the elusive superfluid/superconducting state known as FFLO.

Fermions in an Optical Lattice


We have realized the 3D Hubbard model using spin-1/2 fermions in an optical lattice. We have observed antiferromagnetic correlations and are now exploring the doped Hubbard model where evidence for pseudo-gap physics may arise. The ultimate goal is to determine whether the Hubbard model contains the essence of d-wave superconductivity.

Bosons Near a Feshbach Resonance 


In our bosonic lithium experiment we explore the broad Feshbach resonance to study the Efimov Effect and matter-wave solitons.