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The Hulet group investigates atoms at temperatures as low as a few nano-Kelvin. At such low temperatures, the strange and fascinating effects of quantum mechanics dominate, greatly altering normal atomic behavior. Hulet and his group have used laser cooling and atom trapping techniques to explore this exotic regime of matter, investigating ultracold atom collisions, Bose-Einstein condensation, and pairing of atomic Fermi gases. Our current interest is the realization of fundamental models of condensed matter using ultracold atoms confined by optical lattices, the study of few-body physics of bosons with resonant interactions, and realizations of matter-wave solitons.

Recent Publications

Measurement of the Dynamical Structure Factor of a 1D Interacting Fermi Gas:

T. Y. Yang, P. Grisins, Y. T. Chang, Z. H. Zhang, C. Y. Shih, T. Giamarchi, and R. G. Hulet, arXiv:1803.06331 PDF

Dissociation of One-Dimensional Matter-Wave Breathers due to Quantum Many-Body Effects:

Vladimir A. Yurovsky, Boris A. Malomed, Randall G. Hulet, and Maxim Olshanii, Physical Review Letters 119, 220401 (2017) PDF

Formation of matter-wave soliton trains by modulational instability:

Jason H. V. Nguyen, De Luo, Randall G. Hulet, Science 356, 422 (2017) Abstract Full Text PDF

1D-3D Crossover of a Spin-Imbalanced Fermi Gas:

Melissa C. Revelle, Jacob A. Fry, Ben A. Olsen, Randall G. Hulet, Physical Review Letters 117, 235301 (2016) PDF

Detecting π-phase superfluids with p-wave symmetry in a quasi-one-dimensional optical lattice:

Bo Liu, Xiaopeng Li, Randall G. Hulet, and W. Vincent Liu, Physical Review A 94, 031602 (2016) PDF

Observation of antiferromagnetic correlations in the Hubbard model with ultracold atoms:

Russell A. Hart, Pedro M. Duarte, Tsung-Lin Yang, Xinxing Liu, Thereza Paiva, Ehsan Khatami, Richard T. Scalettar, Nandini Trivedi, David A. Huse, and Randall G. Hulet, Nature 519, 211-214 (2015) PDF

Cooling Atomic Gases with Disorder:

Thereza Paiva, Ehsan Khatami, Shuxiang Yang, Valery Rousseau, Mark Jarrell, Juana Moreno, Randall G. Hulet, Richard T. Scalettar, Physical Review Letters 115, 240402 (2015) PDF

Rice AMO Program Ranked 8th in the US!

2018-03-22 :

The 2018 rankings of graduate programs in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics has Rice University ranked 8th in the country, right behind Caltech and just ahead of the University of Chicago. Here is the complete list:

Anna Departs for Oxford

2018-03-07 :

Bon Voyage to Anna, who is returning to the UK to begin a post-doctoral position with Ian Walmsley at Oxford. We wish Anna much success (and not too much rain) in Oxford!

Radio Interview

2018-01-24 :

Randy was interviewed on the radio by Aspen (Colorado) high school students:

Radio Physics: Dr. Randall Hulet Explains Cold Atoms and Superconductivity

Welcome Danyel and Eduardo!

2018-01-11 :

We welcome Danyel and Eduardo today as full members of our lab!

Danyel returns to Monterrey Tech to talk about his experience at Rice.

2017-10-06 :

Danyel returns to his alma mater, Monterrey Tech, to talk to their students about his experience as a first year graduate student at Rice.

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